With the Smart Home Optimization Program, qualified participants will receive a pack of ready to install smart home technology, all at no cost.

Items will be shipped for free, directly to your home.

A smart thermostat

  • Smart thermostat (FREE) – Automatically manages your home’s energy use around your schedule and preferences. It’s easy to use, keeping you comfortable when you’re home and saving energy and money when you’re not. In some instances, it may make slight adjustments based on local weather conditions and your existing preferences. These minor updates are designed to help you maximize your savings automatically. You can reverse these adjustments at any time.

Honeywell T5+ Smart Thermostat

Smart water heater controller

  • Smart water heater controller (FREE) – Similar to a smart thermostat for your water heater, the controller automates your water heating based on your preferences.

Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controller

All products require the presence of compatible home equipment. See basic eligibility for more information.